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STREET 2 DEATH FIGHT tells the story of ALES STREET, a damaged US Army Ranger coming home after his second tour in Afghanistan to bury his brother. REMO STREET was killed competing in an underground fight club sponsored by local crime boss URI SAKALOV. In the midst of their mourning, the family is h

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Born In June

The true and inspirational story of June Jones and how he took the worst team in NCAA and made them champions while changing the lives of four very special young men.

The Ultimate Game

A groundbreaking, near-future film project dedicated to the memories of -- and to the artistic visionaries who were -- Ed and Steve Sabol; late founder and president of NFL Films.


This story is a heart-warming, romantic comedy about a singer, Sheri Goodman, who, because of her pretentiousness and unreliability, finds her career spiraling downward. After her agent books her at a home for the aging in Palm Springs, CA, she quickly leaves in her limo and starts drinking in despair. While driving around, the limo passes the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa. She decides to check it out. Upon entering, John Mullippeh, the Casino manager recognizes her, flaunts over her, stroking her ego, and offers her free drinks and a marker of $25,000, all motive driven. She accepts and proceeds to get plastered while losing over $23,000 at the blackjack table. Unable to pay the marker, which John was counting on, and being on sovereign soil, Sheri is forced to become a lounge act for two weeks. This where the story takes off as Sheri, dejected and angry causes or encounters one mishap after another until she meets a little Native American girl, named Harmony who teaches her the meaning of love and forgiveness and changes her life.


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